Each session is organised to offer a wide range of activities and is designed to encourage the children in all aspects of play. The play area is set up each day to provide a wide variety of activities which allow for the progression towards learning goals, and fun. All activities are appropriate to the age range. The variety of choice also offers activities that can be done either individually, in groups or with the help of a member of staff.

All sessions are based around learning through play. The progress of the children is monitored using the learning story and initial child profiles. The initial child profiles are completed when a child first joins the nursery. Thereafter the learning stories are maintained as a permanent record of the child’s learning progress and development. The children are assessed every term over the period they are with us. This information is freely available to the parents and points of particular note are shared with the parents. At the end of their time with us a pack is given to each parent which includes the full learning story together with a report summarizing the child’s overall experience, and these can be shared with the school your child is moving on to. The pack also contains pieces of work the children have done which are of particular note or that demonstrate a specific skill.

Our curriculum is tailored for each individual child’s needs, and is planned in accordance with the EYFS framework. We are always happy to discuss our curriculum and explain the EYFS framework to any parent.

The session always includes one larger physical activity which is available throughout the session, the range includes a climbing frame, bikes and scooters, or caterpillar. These are rotated on a weekly basis.

Themed activities are also planned and can incorporate specific requests from parents, eg we recently ran a session about the dentists as a parent had expressed their child’s anxiety at visiting the dentist. Whenever possible we try to include any expertise from the local community.

There are group activities such as music, small apparatus, and storytime. Children are also encouraged to initiate their own play and are free to move around the session as they wish. Staff are always on hand to help, but an independent approach to activities is encouraged.

Physical activity is included each day, weather permitting this is predominately done outside with the use of balls, beanbags and hoops.

Activities are regularly provided to encourage the children to investigate their senses, eg through tasting different foods, or playing with sand, dough, foam and water.

The children are shown how things grow and take part in planting seeds and bulbs. Previous projects have included a week dedicated to fruit and vegetables. The children explored the texture of the items through touch and taste, and at the end of the week they then made vegetable soup with a member of staff.

The outside space also includes a dedicated area for planting and outdoor play. The area is secure and when the weather allows is open for children to move freely between the inside and outside areas.

Musical instruments allow the children to explore sound and learn to sing songs. Physical movement to music is always provided.

There is also a quiet area set aside in the nursery. This has been constructed to give a cosy and comfortable environment where children can go if they wish to be quiet.

A variety of art and craft materials are used, painting, mark making, cutting and sticking, and dough, junk modeling, and undertake specific art projects, eg xmas decorations were made for the parents by their children.

Construction toys, e.g. train track, are used which encourage the children to work in small groups together, and concentrate on the construction.

“Small world” toys are regularly provided, eg doll’s house, or seaport.

Pushchairs and dolls are used to allow the children to explore their imaginative play either with each other or on their own. Imaginative play is also stimulated by the regular use of the fancy dress clothes.

Creativity and the development of imagination is supported by the story at the end of the session. The children are all called together towards the end of the session and are read a story which usually is related to the theme or activity they have been doing. This is also used to respond to specific requests from the parents, e.g. a child was having difficulty in staying their own bed so the staff found a story to read which may help and talked about going to bed at home.

It is our aim at the nursery to encourage your child to explore and learn through play, we always strive to provide a safe and stimulating environment, which the children find fun! The best way to fully appreciate what we do is to pop in for a visit, you will be able to see the wide variety of activities on offer and the dedication of our staff first hand.

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